If clinical medicine takes survival as the main purpose, so that patients can survive; then, rehabilitation medicine takes life as the purpose, so that patients can better return to society. "Clinical medicine gives life to years, rehabilitation medicine gives years to life".
Rehabilitation will be the bursting point of the future health industry. In another three years, the market will exceed 100 billion!
Rigid demand growth: the healing of major diseases is no longer completed by surgery and drugs alone, the effect of rehabilitation will become a sign of healing. Rehabilitation prevention, improve the success rate of surgery, reduce post-operative risks, control recurrence and complications will make a huge contribution to health insurance and insurance spending.
China's elderly, chronic patient population and disabled population are increasing. According to the latest population data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, as of 2018, China's population aged 60 and above is 249.49 million, the existing disabled population reaches 85 million, and patients with various chronic diseases reach more than 300 million! All of the above-mentioned people need long-term rehabilitation treatment services, and the market scale reaches hundreds of billions.
In particular, post-operative patients belong to the strong demand for rehabilitation groups. Generally speaking, surgery will cause different degrees of trauma to the body, and medical technology means such as physical therapy and sports rehabilitation are needed to improve the patient's spirit and restore the function of organs to further consolidate the treatment effect. In terms of rehabilitation inpatient disease types, orthopedic surgery neurology surgery patients are the main group of post-operative rehabilitation. In particular, postoperative patients who do not receive scientific rehabilitation treatment, in orthopedics for example, will suffer from sequelae such as pelvic misalignment and loose prosthesis, which will seriously affect the patient's healing.
However, as far as the current market situation is concerned, most outpatient clinics lack effective linkage with rehabilitation, especially postoperative linkage with rehabilitation, resulting in a lack of systematic rehabilitation treatment and training for postoperative patients, and problems such as stiffness and muscle adhesions that occur in patients after surgery are not really effectively solved.
From the perspective of the population of rehabilitation inpatients, the elderly postoperative patients are currently the main population of rehabilitation medical services. On the one hand, elderly people's concern for rehabilitation needs is deepening due to chronic diseases and other needs; on the other hand, compared to young people, the elderly group has a slower recovery after illness and surgery and has more complex needs in terms of medical health.
By estimation, if about 30% of China's elderly population needs rehabilitation services, the elderly rehabilitation population will reach 60 million! In particular, the disabled and semi-disabled elderly will become the "main force" of rehabilitation services. In addition, the rehabilitation of chronic disease groups will also become an important force in promoting the development of the rehabilitation market.

Post time: Aug-20-2021